Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot deck set – pre-order – payment 1



The listing includes :

  • The Mysteries of Black Madonna tarot deck of 80 cards
  • A softcover guidebook with images of each card on the corresponding page
  • A black velvet tarot pouch
  • A small Black Madonna statue
  • A Black Madonna cloth scapular
  • One of a variety of Black Madonna holy cards brought back from various pilgrimage sites


I am so happy to be at this stage of this incredible journey to offer you the opportunity to order the Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot deck. It has been five years dedicated to research, pilgrimage, ritual, ceremony, tears and the creation of 80 shrines.  This deck is a book of altars, opening the door to a deeply sensual experience of the mystery of She Who wears the Black Cloak of the Night Sky.  Here you will discover little known names, long forgotten rituals, and a fragrance once known.  My vision is that this book of sacred altars will become a flowering and fragrant offering on many altars dedicated to Her, and that you will experience her direct gaze of wholeness.


The 80 shrines of the Black Madonna deck has been completed and the writing of the guidebook as well.  I still have to photograph all 80 shrines and then the graphic design process will follow and then the decks and books have to be printed. I am printing only 100 decks at a time.  In that way I can keep the sacred energy of this powerful work of art intact.  Each deck is blessed in a special ceremony before they are packaged and sent to you.  Each part of the set is hand made by myself or at least found and discovered by myself as part of the process of birthing a sacred altar.  As you know I create my decks as part of my own spiritual journey and my devotive practise.  This deck is a work of art, dedicated to the Holy Black Mother in all aspects, manifestations and our own philosophies, culture, traditions and understanding.  As with the Mysteries of Mary, the guidebook is not only a tarot guide, but also a definitive guidebook to the mystical path of the Black Madonna (with in-depth historic, political and religious research over the past 20 years).

I offer this  option to pay in two instalments.  The second instalment will have to be paid when decks are ready to be shipped.

Please read carefully before you decide to buy the pre-order.

This is the second pre-order and delivery for this order is scheduled for May-June 2021. I am only printing 100 decks at a time as I cannot handle the packaging, shipping and correspondence for more than that.  International shipping has been a nightmare due to the Covid pandemic.  South Africa is experiencing a second wave and I do not know what to expect from postal services next year.  All decks did arrive this year but it took weeks and months.  I have been sending decks with DHL Courier Express and it has been excellent;  delivery takes place by hand within a few days, but of course it is more expensive.

The shipping cost is not included in the price of the deck set.  When the decks are ready for shipping I will post updates on the shipping situation and then you will have the choice of choosing  your shipping method but be prepared to wait for up to three months for your deck to arrive.  I will not consider replacing a deck until three months have lapsed as all bar one deck did eventually arrive. During the pandemic tracking on international shipping has been very limited and waiting for a deck for weeks are nerve wracking but they have arrived safely.

Please add your telephone number in case of DHL shipping.  You have access to your order page through the My Account tab on the front page of the website.   Please make a note of your password as you will need it access your order.  I will post updates and notices on your order page and you will receive this in your email inbox.



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This is a pre-order listing for the Mysteries of the Black Madonna tarot deck.- and this the payment option to pay in two instalments.  This is the first instalment which excludes shipping and shipping plus the second instalment will have to be paid before the deck will be shipped during May-June 2021.  You will be given an option of shipping choices when the deck is ready to be shipped depending on the state of international airmail due to the Covid19 pandemic worldwide. 


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