Shipping with DHL Couriers


Please note the changes in rules in the EU for commercial shipping to EU countries.

This is the listing for shipping of a tarot deck set with DHL Courier Express.

I am using DHL Courier Express as the post office worldwide shipping is unreliable and erratic due to the pandemic.  South Africa is in level 4 lockdown and post office shipping takes up to 8 months and parcels do not arrive.  DHL is guaranteed delivery within 7 – 10 days with tracking updates.

I have negotiated a good rate with DHL and I am paying 50% of the courier costs myself.  Post Office international registered airmail is currently $40 from South Africa to the US and $45 to Europe.

I am shipping all parcels to non-EU countries as printed matter which means that you do not pay customs on arrival.

EU countries :  unfortunately it is no longer possible to ship parcels as printed matter to EU countries as from 1 July 2021.  All parcels that enter EU countries now have to comply with a commercial code.  Vat and customs duties are payable on these commercial codes.





This is a listing for the shipping of the tarot deck set.

You will receive an email notification from myself when your purchase is handed to DHL and they will contact you with updates via text messages.

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