Sacred Heart Diksha

The Sacred Heart Diksha has been received by a number of people, all of whom who have experienced deep feelings, healing and transformation.

The Sacred Heart Diksha opens the inner chamber of the heart and Love starts to flow. This Diksha has brought instant pain relief; wonderful clarity into disease and life-long pain; the untying of karmic knots and physical healing which has medically been declared a miracle and on-going spiritual transformation, growth and awakening!

A diksha can also be called an initiation or a blessing. It initiates the receiver into an aspect of spiritual energy. We are not dependant on others or even gurus or teachers to receive these blessings. We are always living within the Love and Heart of God and we can receive at any times. Often, in times of deep distress, the mind relaxes its grip on our awareness and the awareness of the blessings that are available to us, just flows in. At these times we are flooded with a deep sense of abiding peace and an infinite compassion for ourselves and the world.
Receiving a diksha from someone who ‘carries’ this energy, helps us over the bridge; it removes the stone from the entrance to the cave and the spiritual energy has the power to clear the cobwebs of our minds.

Such a diksha is the Sacred Heart diksha. It blesses the receiver with a deep sense of calm and ‘all is well with the world’. Life here in physical matter is a great mystery to us and it is one of greatest challenges of those who live with a spiritual attitude, to surrender the need to know and to understand. Whenever things change and you enter the unfamiliar, the mind becomes fearful and it wants you to fight or flight. It tries to integrate and digest what is happening. It tries to label whatever is going on. This labelling, however, creates great suffering as it binds you into a belief system with all its positives and negatives and all its shoulds and should-nots.

The Sacred Heart is a term for the Sacred Ground of your Being. It can be accessed through contemplation, meditation and breathing exercises (pranayama) and samayama. The Sacred Heart can be regarded as the Womb of the Divine Mother or the Sacred Embrace : the place where you find yourself supported and carried unconditionally.

When you surrender into the Sacred Heart, all is taken care of; your nervous system can relax, your adrenals will slow down and the fear will leave your mind. Obviously this takes practise and the building of faith. But once you have experienced this, the memory of Its infinite compassion will never leave you and it is easier to find your way back there.
Mother Mary has given the Sacred Heart Meditation which anyone can use at any time.


October 18, 2010

For twenty years I have had a severe pain, like a massive bruise,over my heart – right over the aorta. This was originally thought to be ‘costochronditis’ and then was simply accepted to be part of fibromyalgic pain. The pain has been there, day and night, every single day.
About six weeks ago, in response to something that Hetienne Ma Grobler had posted on Facebook, I commented “I have had severe pain over my heart for 20 years. Any ideas?” Ma responded to me and offered her help in a most gracious and loving manner.

I did not hesitate for one moment to be open to this. I absolutely believe that the right person comes into our life at the right moment – even from as far away as another continent.
Ma asked me for some details of my life which I shared with her. That I grew up in an abusive home and from a young age, learned to curl into myself to protect myself from severe beatings. She offered that she would send healing energy my way from across the ocean. I was receptive to this and open to receive healing.

 The result? For the first time in twenty years, there is NO Pain in that area of my body. Well, actually at times I do experience pain there and this is what I do. I acknowledge to myself that my heart is hurting, I name the specific reason for the hurt and I state what I am doing to deal with the situation and affirm that I am taking good care of my heart. And the pain goes away immediately.

May my ‘story’ inspire your own openness to healing.

Blessings to all of you!

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