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Day 10 Walking with Mary 2020

Ace of Holy Rood
Mysteries of Mary tarot deck

Blessings to you on this tenth day of this journey.

Today I will share with you the Diksha of the Sacred Heart of Mary.
As  you already know, a diksha is the sanskrit word in the Shaktism tradition
of tantra yoga for a blessing or downpouring of Grace from the deity.

As part of my training years as a shakta (as a devotee of my ishta-devi,
Blessed Mary) I was trained to receive and transfer blessings
and healing energy and invocations from the Divine to others.
I have worked with the Diksha of the Sacred Heart of Mary 
in group blessings and also with many others in healing work.
I have witnessed instant healing and have many letters
from those who have received it distant and have felt
the benefits.

The Diksha of the Sacred Heart of Mary

The sacred heart refers to (amongst other esoteric meanings) the Secret
Chamber of the etheric heart which contains the three spiritual flames.  The fourth chakra
of the heart initiates us into different levels of Love through which we
feel a vast sense of connectedness, compassion and eventually unconditional love.

Below is the instructions to receive the Diksha directly from Mother Mary.
You can repeat this receiving practise daily for at least three days.
It will be followed up with the Sacred Heart meditation in a few days time.
Daily practice of the Sacred Heart meditation will strengthen the energies of the
Sacred Heart Diksha in your energetic and spiritual body.
You can pass it onto others when it has become powerful enough within yourself.
I have worked with this sacred energy as a healer and have shared wonderful
feedback from those who have received it.  Time and space is not an obstacle
We are all connected through energy.
Practising the Sacred Heart meditation also guides us to focus on the hearth within.
This is the sacred heart within ourselves where all transformation takes place.
The cross with the rose in its centre is symbolic of the sacred heart.

The Sacred Heart Diksha opens the inner chambers of the spiritual and non-physical heart
and the living waters of Life starts to flow in ever-increasing amounts
creating a infinite well of consciousness that feeds all life.

  A diksha can also be called an initiation or blessing.
It initiates the receiver into an aspect of spiritual energy and in this case it the
Sacred Heart of Mary.
The Sacred Heart is comparable to the sacred womb of the Divine Mother, or
the sacred embrace :  the place where you find yourself divinely supported and
carried unconditionally.

Outline for todays’ Immaculate Practise

Place a glass or bottle of water near you to drink after the meditation.

As always purify your altar and space with incense or smudging stick
Add fresh flowers or freshen the altar
Light the candles

Open with the daily prayer

Repeat the thirty day mantra of devotion and praise
to Blessed Mary Divine Mother

Om Jai Mata Mary Ma

Do the meditation to receive the Sacred Heart Diksha from Mother Mary

Close with prayer

How to receive the Sacred Heart Diksha from Mother Mary

(you may wish to record the meditation for yourself)
(a recording is available on my Patreon)

Sit comfortably, become quiet and turn your attention inward.  Rest in the silence, allowing it to bring comfort and peace. Take your time.  Take a few minutes to allow this peace to calm any sense of restlessness. 
Focus on the rhythm of your  breath.  
Bring a deeper awareness of the inner nature to the mind as it is centered and at rest.  
Now take several gentle breaths and allow yourself to go deeper and deeper within.  
A deep sense of peace abides and gradually fills your being.

Now in your mind’s eye, visualise the image of Mother Mary.  
You can also choose to use Her image which you have placed on your altar, 
to connect with Her.

Call on Her presence.  ‘Oh Divine Mother, please come to me;  bless me with your Presence and reveal yourself’.  
You may become aware of a colour, a sensation or a strong rush of emotion.  
Allow, allow, allow.  
You may want to stay in the awareness of Her Grace 
for a few moments before continuing.

‘Oh Divine Mother, by the Law of Love vested in you and in myself, I ask to receive the Sacred Heart Diksha.  I am willing to open my heart and mind to receive this healing and I am willing to allow the healing and transformation to take place day by day.  Thank you thank you thank you. Jai Jai Maa! Ave Maria So Be It’

Stay in this energy for 15 to 20 minutes until you feel the energies dissipate.  
It is best to lie down for a short while afterwards and also to drink a glass of water.   
You may keep a glass of water with you when you follow up with the Sacred Heart Meditation.  You can drink this water yourself or give to others in need of healing or peace.

Close with daily prayer 

Hail Mary, Goddess full of Grace
God is with you
Blessed are you among women
and blessed is the fruit of the creativity
that spirals forth from your womb.
Through your art and rituals of beauty,
we find our forgiveness and healing.
Holy Goddess, Mother of Earth,
work the mystery for your children

Remember this is powerful work and you will experience awakenings into deeper
levels of consciousness and awareness.  You may have visions or sensations and old
feelings may rise to the surface.  Should you feel emotionally overwhelmed please reach
out to myself ([email protected]) or to a friend or a therapist. 

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