Day 16 Walking with Mary 2020

Today is Day 16 of Walking with Mary during February 2020
and I have a special sharing for you.
I did share this previously but it really got lost in the superlong
post!  So I have decided to share this beautiful offering again
Thank you Danny for sharing your heart and passion with us.
In this video Danny Proserpine shares with us one of his sacred rituals.
Danny is one of my valued patrons in The Order of the Dove on  
Members of the Order of the Dove are Hearthkeepers and initiated
Flamekeepers in The Temple of Mary.
Danny is a devotee and bhakta of the Divine feminine and 
he describes himself as a Sacred Fool in the Temple of Mary.
In this video he shares a novena to the Virgin, one that is well-known
to Catholics, brujos and curanderos.
Danny describes the ritual as follows :
‘the ritual is an elaborated form la Persinada, the gesture
of crossing yourself on your forehead, mouth and heart.
The second part is a perpetual novena which I say to the Virgin
of Guadulupe, followed by prayers to St Michael and Santa Muerte.
The offering of tobacco to her recalls the Mazatec and Aztec
devotional offerings of tobacco to their own gods and goddesses
and are common in Latin American folk religion.
It ends with three Our Fathers, which is a common sort of penance, or
like a way of closing the gateway you have opened.

For this the third week of Walking of Mary I would like to introduce
collage making as a healing and self-knowledge tool.
Earlier on in the Thirty Days with Mary I asked you to collect
images.  I collect calendars and buy glossy art magazines and books
on sale for the purpose of creating Soulcollage cards.

(Soulcollage(R) is a copyrighted term 
Soulcollage is a ‘therapy’ put together by Seena Frost.)

These collages are powerful, simple, easy to make,
and, when used with conscious awareness,
they are wonderful guardians and guides on
the journey within the Self.

An ideal size of card to create your collage on is
20×25 cm.

Create a picture from the magazine cuttings that appeal to you.
Do not try to analyse as you work.  The more you can get
into your creative zone the better.  Allow the process to surprise you.
You may start off thinking you know what you want to put together
and then all of a sudden the images have their own plan.

The Swan Card 

I am the One who takes you on a safe passage through the transitions.  I offer you sacred companionship; the promise that I will never abandon you and the reminder that you always belong to the community of your Soul and of Spirit.

Here is my process of creating the Swan card. 
I was in the process of transition and of making changes in my life.
I became aware of continually being drawn to images of a boat;
as well as a small boat crossing a lake;  even cruise liners!!
So I started looking for images that resonate with me right then
 and I immediately chose swans.

Years ago, when I did some Jungian studies, I had many visions and dreams of swans and I have painted quite a few iconic and mythological images of swans.  Then they meant something completely different to me.  The one thing that remained a constant, though, is that they represent Soul or Spirit.  

As I gathered these image, I learnt a few things about swans.

They are hardly ever seen by themselves.  They are usually in pairs, or as a family unit.  I know that swans mate for life.

Swans carry their chicks on their backs.  How absolutely beautiful is that!!

I keep a notebook, writing down my insights during the process of making a card.  These insights are invaluable and very pertinent to one’s inner journey.  You may pick up other things that are specific to your history and circumstances.

Some more pertinent insights about swans :
the colour white which represents purity, purification, initiation, Spirit;
the throat area is emphasised by its long neck :  throat chakra, called Vissudhi in sanskrit; Vissudhi means purification.
So, a process of letting go is of importance here. 

They swim across the waters.  Waters represent the emotions, the world of the Soul.  So, again, transitions, journeys to new horizons.

And this is the card that I made :

As part of the SoulCollage process, you ‘climb’ into the card, mentally and emotionally, and you let the neter (the archetype) of the card speak to you.  You always start the process with “I am the One who ….’

I am the One who takes you on a safe passage through the transitions.  I offer you sacred companionship; 
the promise that I will never abandon you.  I am the one who reminds you that you always belong to the community of your Soul and Spirit.

The gifts of this card is sacred communion.
The shadow of the Swan is the stressful times of transition that can take you back into childhood memories of being the Ugly Duckling!

I am the maiden of the joy
I am song in the wind and rain upon the rocks.
I am fair love and holy hope
and the flight of the dove.
I am earth, betrothed
I am Mystical Rose.

Hail Mary
Ave Maria

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  1. Dear Hettienne I: have been participating in the #walkingwithmary since the first time and I find it very interesting and comforting how the connection with female strength and energy is reinforced.But as a Mexican and therefore Latin woman, it is of my great interest that you can objectively investigate the Cult of the Santa Muerte. All I have known is that it is revered by murderers, drug cartels and use it for mostly black witchcraft. I have seen its chapels, the procesiones in the street and it does not compare at all with the highest energy that handles other virgins such as Zapopan and others that I have had the opportunity to visit, I invite you with all my heart that one day you have this opportunity To visit this type of altars and see for thank you for all the work and investment you do . he estado participando en los #walkingwithmary desde la primer vez y encuentro muy interesante y reconfortante como se refuerza la conexión con la fuerza y energía femenina.Pero como mujer mexican y por lo tanto latina, es de mi gran interés que puedas tu investigar objetivamente el culto de la Santa Muerte . Yo todo lo que he sabido es que es venerada por los asesinos, los carteles de droga y la usan para mayormente brujería negra. He visto sus capillas , las profesiones en la calle y no se compara para nada con la energía más alta que maneja otras vírgenes como la de Zapopan y otras que he tenido la oportunidad de visitar,te invito de todo corazón que algún día tengas está oportunidad de visitar este tipo de altares y comprobarlos por ti misma .Gracias por ti tiempo y trabajo que realizas.

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