Day 18 Walking with Mary 2020

Today is the eighteenth day of this journey with ourselves, meditation
and Mary in all her aspects.
Card 18 in the tarot is The Moon card.
A card that speaks of darkness and silvery light;  shadows and shadowy
passages and the fire that illuminates the darkness.

Diving deep into our own shadows always takes us out of our comfort
zones and into seemingly dangerous places.  We are all of a sudden
confronted with unspoken beliefs;  memories that had been deep down
never to be seen again (that was the idea) and an alchemical process
Alchemy is not only something that takes place in a laboratory.
Alchemy takes place in the kitchen, when the yeast meets the flour
and rises;  when the bread is put into the oven and it bakes to a beautiful
golden brown.  Alchemy takes place when we pick up the needle and thread
and sew two pieces of fabric together and we have a garment.
Alchemy takes place in the heart when we allow the fears and hurts
to float to the surface, to be seen, to be embraced, to be accepted
and to be viewed with compassion.
For today and this stage of our journey I offer to you
IX of Distaff, Our Lady Untier of Knots
I say that we are wound with mercy round and round as if with air;
the same Mary … World-mother air, air wild, wound with thee, 
in thee isled, fold home, fast fold thy child – Gerard Manly Hopkins

Our Lady Untier of Knots symbolises the absolute power of the divine
to untie the knots of the personal self.
Yoga teaches that knots or ‘granthis’ exist in the sublte energetic meridians
(nadi) of the body.  These knots restrict the flow of prana or chi or the life force
and emotional discomfort and physical disease is the result
When we accept that we are ‘wound with mercy round and round’
then it is a small step to accept that the Divine is as close as your next breath.
The Holy Protection of the Mother of God
Mother of Mercy
if I stay awake all night,
vigilant and grateful,
will you drop your protective veil
over my vulnerable heart?
I cannot control the world around me,
I can only be faithful to my own deepest truth.
Wrap me in your pure white cloak of devotion, Mary,
so that I can remember that my sole task
is to praise the God of Love.
Cover me in your burial shroud
as I die to my false self,
to be reborn
as a living example of peace on earth.
Infuse me with the tincture of your tears
so that I may face every challenge
with a tender and courageous spirit
– Mirabai Starr from Mother of God, similar to fire
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