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The Temple of Mary

Blessings to you!

Many are speaking of really feeling the changes in and around them and veils are opening.  Always always surrender to the process and to the love of the Divine Mother and keep a watch on that internal dialogue.  It is such a small step, but it has such great effects in your life.  When the critical mind is switched off, you can get a glimpse of the peace which is you and your true nature!

It has been a time of great opening in my own life.  I have written many articles on the significance of the dove in my life on my other blogs, particularly on  The past two months the Dove (Shekinah, Holy Spirit) has made herself known in many extraordinary ways.  In the one case, a beautiful red-colored dove landed on my head (in my garden) and there she sat.

It was rather strange and funny and incredibly powerful at the same time!!  I had tears streaming down my face while my daughter stared at me and the dove in amazement.  And she would not leave.  My daughter took a very poor photograph of it on her camera and I will post it soon.  A few weeks later, a dove flew into my art studio – this in itself is not strange, but what happened next, is.  The dove chased my cat out!

I took all of these signs very seriously and decided that She wants me to move out of my haitus and bring Her and Her energy into the world so that many can drink from Her eternal waters of Love and Compassion.

So, The Temple of Mary is starting a ‘new’ year of initiations and training into the path of Bridal Mysticism and Bhakty Yoga.  I am in the process of putting up a new website :  Have a look and check back regularly for updates.

Here you will find an outline of the trainings and events and also links to blogs, bibliography and more. If you are in the Cape Town area (South Africa) and you would like to become an initiate of The Temple of Mary, please read the articles on this blog, The Book of Mary and especially the Messages received from Mary as these form the foundation of the teachings.

It is very important to be familiar with the Silent Heart and Sacred Heart meditations.  If you follow this link you can read how to receive the Blue Cloak of Protection directly from Her.

Here is the link on how to receive the Silent Heart Diksha  Follow up every day with the Silent Heart meditation and from there you can move to the Sacred heart meditation.  All of these will be expanded on and followed up with other blessings such as the Christ Consciousness Diksha, the Mother Flame blessing (Shaktypat) during retreats.

Apply this every day and experience the difference for yourself.  We do not learn through reading and watching :  we BECOME through application and practise.

The Temple of Mary will also be hosting Sacred Feminine Conference and Festivals and a Goddess Festival in October 2012 and 2013.  To stay updated with these, follow my blog and Like Us on Facebook!  That way you will stay in touch.

If you would like more information, please send me an email on [email protected]

Hail Mary!

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