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Mysteries of Mary tarot deck SHIPPING UPDATE

All decks and books have been successfully printed and we have spent days preparing them for shipping.  All parcels are ready to be shipped.  International shipping to some countries have opened up but shipping is slow as not enough cargo planes are available.  I have been advised by the post office not to hand the parcels in for shipping as they will end up in international sorting which already has a backlog.At this stage shipping may start from 15 July but probably only 30 July or even August 2020.

I will send a shipping notification as soon as I ship on both The French Madonna on and for orders bought here on my website. You will receive an email from me as well as an international registered shipping number.

Content of each parcel

Each parcel contains the Mysteries of Mary tarot deck, guidebook, hand sewn tarot pouch, rosary, gold Mary statue, a vintage holy card and a set of hand crafted blessing seeds

Parcels ready to ship

Hand made clay blessing seeds

Bless the earth with these blessing seeds : infuse them with your prayers for healing and plant them, place them on your altar, in your house, on your body for healing and blessings.

I created these blessing seeds from ceramic clay that will deteriorate and dissolve back into Mother Earth when buried. The clay is mixed with holy oil and rose petals from St Terese’s garden and petals collected at Lourdes. You can see the bits of rose petal in the big clay pieces. Each piece contains flecks and gold leaf dust which holds energy very well. Each of these clay shards are imprinted with the divine image of Divine Mary and thus contains Her sacred energy. They are sprinkled with water from the healing spring at Lourdes and prayers and chants were said over them for seven consecutive days. They are kept with rose petals of third relic St Teresa of Lisieux roses!! (I do not ship any of the dried rose petals as in some countries it is prohibited to receive plant matter) The images include Our Lady of Guadulupe, Madonna of the Streets, Miraculous Medals, a rose, Mother and Child, sacred heart, miraculous medal, and more.

You can say a prayer whilst holding the seed in your hand, and then make a hole in the ground with your finger and plant these seeds wherever you want healing to take place. This way you can call on Mother Mary as you walk on her earth; you can place these at sacred places; in your garden or at places of sadness and trauma.

Each one of the blessing seeds are first infused with holy water from Lourdes (which I brought back), and then infused with holy relic oil of more than 53 Saints & pure essential oils. A mixture of one hundred oils are used, including frankincense, myrrh, spikenard, agarwood and rose. It is also immersed in blessed pink dead sea salts, infused with rose petals steeped in holy oil of a third relic of St Therese of Lisieux and it is packaged with blessed salts, frankincense and sprinkled with holy water collected form many sacred places in the world. So it becomes a holy object to be handled with reverence and care.

You can place these seeds on your altar or place of prayer or contemplation.
Pray to Divine Mary, She is as close as your heart
Ave Maria



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Outline of weekly schedule

Blessings to you.
If you are committed to the thirty days
of  Walking with Mary you have joined a large community of people
from all over the world and from different traditions and paths.
We are dedicating energy and love to Mary in her various forms and aspects
and philosophies, beyond
religion and dogma. Daily we join together in spirit and walk our solitary path
towards self-realisation and celebration.
 Just imagine the powerful and healing
energy that we are creating together and making available for
healing for all living creatures including the Earth.
Ave Maria!
We are working across many different time zones and to help you keep
some track of the flow of the meditations, 

The Walking with Mary online retreat in January and February is
devoted to Our Lady of Lourdes, the Immaculate Conception.

The Walking with Mary online retreat in September is devoted
to Our Lady of the Rose.

Many posts overlap and are the same in both these thirty days.

Day One
Creating sacred altar
Purifying space
Sanctification of altar and sacramental tools with mantra
ritual tools : meditation shawl, tarot deck, amulets, crystal,
journal, rosary or mala
Open the meditation with special prayer or invocation
Draw card for week and daily card
Repeat Rosary Mantra
Close with special prayer

Day Two
Open meditation with special prayer
Repeat Rosary Mantra
Draw daily card
Write in journal
Close with special prayer
Day Three
Add blue items to altar or any additional items that have called to you
Refresh your water
This is the third day of using the prayer and mantra consecutively.
Open meditation with special prayer
Draw daily card
Repeat Rosary Mantra
Write in journal – optional practise
Close with special prayer
There will be a post on the blog for you to read and contemplate

Day Four
Today we are adding a new meditation entitled Meeting with Mary.
You may wish to split today’s practise into two sessions, unless you have
the time to do both the rosary mantra and the Meeting with Mary meditation.
We follow the sequence of opening with the prayer,
repetition of rosary mantra, Meeting with Mary meditation, and closing with prayer.

Day Five
A repeat of day four.
There will be a post on the blog for you to read and contemplate

Day Six
A repeat of days three and/or day four.
There will be a post on the blog for you to read and contemplate

Day Seven
A repeat of days three and/or day four
and a special diksha/blessing

Day Eight
Today is the first day of the second week
You will receive a post with the theme, colours and an additional prayer


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Donning the cloak of the Hermit

Picture taken by Hettienne Grobler September 2014 Lourdes Full Moon
I have donned the cloak of the Hermit.
I will write from time to time
on my four currently active blogs
You always know where to find me.
I Am the Light of the world – ACIM
Blessings and Peace
Hettienne Bhakty Maria Ma


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Am I not your mother?

Dark and Light
“It is well, littlest and dearest of my sons, but now listen to me. 

Do not let anything afflict you and be not afraid of illness or pain. 

Set your inner child free

Am I not here who am your Mother? 

Are you not under my shadow and protection? 

Are you not in the crossing of my arms? 

Is there anything else you need?

Words spoken by Maria  when she appeared to
Juan Diego in Guadulupe in the year 1531.
Here is a link of the full story of miracles
of roses of
the Lady of Guadulupe

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The Purpose if this world and its stories

In this world we learn to know ourselves through Death.  We learn to know the Divine Within through Death.
This may sound ghoulish or dark to the western mind, where focus is always put onto ‘light and love’ and ‘life’ and the positive through a denial of Death. The devotees of Kali spend their nights in graves and graveyards;  saddhus cover themselves in ash and declare themselves as dead.
Samadhi, the trance state of at-one-ment means death.
Through death we learn that we are infinite consciousness; through death we learn that there is no separation; through death we learn that this world is only a story; through death we learn that is all is forgiven and always has been.
All fear is ultimately the fear of death. The body fears physical death and the mind fears emotional death and death of its identity and the dying to itself.  And so it dies over and over without truly dying.  It clings onto the story with great passion and investment;  it holds onto opinions and ideas; it defends against attack on its personal value and suffering starts.
The most powerful symbol in the christian world is the sign of death : a crucified Jesus.  And daily the mind crucifies itself without dying and thus prolongs the suffering.
Death leads to rebirth;  from the cross rises an enlightened
Jesus; the phoenix rises from the ashes.
The human mind and heart has the power and ability to liberate itself from suffering.  It has the freedom of choice. You may not be able to choose the drama that you were born into, but you have the power to interpret the story differently and to ultimately drop the story, but in order to do this, the one who is telling the story, has to die.
Every time you walk away from your need for justice; every time you walk away from your need to assert yourself, a part of your identity dies.  Every time you step into meditation and you leave behind the story, you go through a small death.  
The human mind cloaks and hides the Divine Within. When the personal self surrenders to the Divine in the form of the guru or the Ishta Devata, and when the personal self surrenders to the Fire of Shakty,  liberation follows.  But this demands death. Death of the self that you believe to be the sum total of who you are; death of your life as you know it; death of your happiness and comfort zones!
An orgasm is called a small death as you are so absorbed in an experience in your physical body, that you surrender and let go of everything that you are holding onto.  Life introduces on a very physical level, this intense sensation through a ‘death’.
Death faces us wherever we look : in time, seasons, food, the dying of the breath, aging, night and day and our own mortality. 
It is said that death is the great leveler of society and it does not spare anyone. Death ends all suffering in every moment. It is only death of the mind that allows the peace that surpasseth all understanding.
in prema
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Ego, wondrous ego

Ego is part of the dance of who you are. 
It is your vehicle to wisdom.
The body-mind is the Shakty of the Divine, the dance of the Divine Mother.
Your consciousness is Shiva, the Formless Light, seeking 
merging and melding with Shakty, your bodymindsoul,
becoming One in the Immaculate Conception
and thus giving birth to You, your Christed Self,
the Golden child reborn in total acceptance* and freedom*
and unconditional love*
*All of these constitute PREMA, non-judgement and thus
the knowledge that no forgiveness is required.
You, and only You, hold the key, beholds the key,
become the key and your turning in the lock of the hidden gateless gate
is the Redemption and Wisdom.
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The river of Light, which is kundalini

The river of Light, which is Kundalini
There are many different views and takes on the
kundalini energy.  In the West it is a strange and unknown
idea that there is a central source of spiritual energy
which feeds the soul and advances her development
without the help of psychology, mental exercises, visualization techniques,
and all kinds of therapy.

The Third Initiation of the Temple of Mary was put together in flow
and energy, to culminate in a kundalini activation and awakening.
A combination of the sacred sound chanting, the journey into the
subconscious with the role playing and the sacred drama
and then the very deep intense shaktypat on the last day;
all working together to
 prepare and open you up to receive the very high vibrations
that is available to you.

It is very important to activate and increase kundalini
whilst working with Divine Love and Bhakty.  This power
is infinite and has incredible power and potential and
can be manifested in unpleasant ways.

The spiritual energy of kundalini makes one more sensitive on many levels.
You become more aware of your own patterns and the play of others around you; you are confronted with your own games and habits and your comfort zone does not allow
the same level of denial as before.  This creates inner tension and pressure.
Then the energy of kundalini works in on the nervous system of the body and 
especially the brain. 

Typically of kundalini are the following :

Moments of deep joy and gratitude, almost to the point of feeling overwhelmed;

Sensation of floating and feeling blissed out and totally ungrounded;

Feeling exhausted and tired;

Feeling overwhelmed by life in general;

Feeling very stressed out, beyond the point of being able to bear it;

Skin sensitivity, eye sensitivity, an upset stomach and cramps in legs.

You may struggle to sleep or to fall asleep.

You may see lights or feel as though a lamp has been turned on in your brain.

The list goes on and on.
During this awakening, it is important to take care of yourself.
Get enough rest.  Go to bed early.
Switch off the chatter of the mind by surrendering.
Spend time sitting outside
Eat grounding food
Drink plenty of water
Take rescue remedy or valerian or one of the calming herbs
Chamomile tea is good
Magnesium powder is essential – Metabole.
Vit B5 (pantothenic acid) also helps.

Do not try to fast during this time nor to go on a healthy detoxing diet. Your
adrenals are already struggling because of kundalini activity – so feed your body
good vegetables and whatever else it craves within reason.
This is the time that you get to know parts of the real you.
You may uncover that you are much more sensitive than what you realized; you may find that you are much tougher than what you thought; when you pay attention to what your body now demands and how it reacts to certain situations, you can gather valuable information about yourself.  You will see how you use to override your true nature and force it into situations or out of situations that your mind thought was best and not what your Real Self wanted.  In this very important time of awakening, you can learn about your conditioning and adopt new behaviours and new belief systems.
Observe which meditations make you feel calmer and focus on those now.
Do not over-stimulate your nervous system by doing too many meditations, nor too
many chants in one day.  Take it easy.  Less is more.  
The nervous system and adrenals will burn out if you do not get enough sleep and
rest and if you continue to stimulate kundalini.  This is the time to trust that
the river of light is flowing and will continue to flow at its own pace.  If you stoke
the fire too much, it will once again burn out and die down.
It is okay not to meditate every day.  You may want to take turns with
japa mala, the sacred heart meditation, the rosary or the chants.
Pace yourself.

What does Love say in this regard?  Observe yourself and do not fall into the
trap of fear.
Trust and go with the flow.

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Haridwar, holiest city in India


Haridwar also known as ‘the Gateway to the Gods’ opens to other four important pilgrimages of Uttrakhand namely, Rishikesh, Badrinath, Kedarnath and Yamunotri. Referred to as Mayapuri, Gangadwar, Kapila and Mokshadwar in the ancient scriptures and epics, Haridwar is one the first towns where river Ganga emerges from the mountains entering the planes and has always remained a major pilgrimage for the Hindus.

Haridwar is considered one of the holiest cities in India. It is believed that three Gods; Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh have left their footprints and sanctified the city. The city is among the four places where Kumbh Mela is organised every twelve years and Ardh Kumbh every six years. Devotees from all walks of life and all corners of the world pour into the city to become a part of the largest congregation. Ash-smeared sadhus with flowing beards and knotted manes who had descended from their quiet retreats in the neighboring hills and mountains roam around the city on foot, cycles and motorbikes, participating in a festival that is considered to be the holiest in the land.
PATANJALI YOGPEETH (1 Kms.) This is an institution developed by Swami Ramdev for scientific research and treatment in Yoga, Spiritualism and Ayurveda, with the world’s largest OPD with a capacity of over six to ten thousand patients per day. A team of over 200 qualified doctors have been trained and are already attending to over 2500 patients daily. Free consultation is done for all patients as well as medicines are made available to economically weaker persons at concession.

HAR KI PAURI (16 kms) – It is the most popular ghat on the banks of Ganga and referred as the major landmark of the city. Evening prayer at dusk offered to Goddess Ganga at Har-Ki-Pauri (steps of God Hara or Shiva) is an enchanting experience for any visitor. A spectacle of sound and colour is seen when, after the ceremony, pilgrims float diyas (floral floats with lamps) and incense on the river, commemorating their deceased ancestors. It is also the place where thousands of pilgrims converge and the festivities commence during the Kumbha Mela, which takes place every twelve years, and the Ardh Kumbh Mela, which takes place every six.
MANSA DEVI TEMPLE (18 Kms.) – Situated at the top of Bilwa Parwat, the temple of Goddess Mansa Devi, literally meaning the Goddess who fulfills desires (Mansa) of sincere devotees, is a popular tourist destination, especially because of the cable cars, which offer a picturesque view of the entire city.
CHANDI DEVI TEMPLE (18 Kms.) – The temple is dedicated to Goddess Chandi, who sits atop the ‘Neel Parvat’ on the eastern bank of river Ganga. It was constructed in 1929 A.D. by the king of Kashmir, Suchat Singh. It is believed that the main statue was established by the Adi Shankracharya in 8th century A.D. The temple is a 3 km trek from Chandighat and can also be reached through a ropeway between 8.30 AM to 6 PM.
NEEL DHARA PAKSHI VIHAR (16 Kms.) – This Bird Sanctuary is situated on the main Ganga river, or Neel Dhara, at the Bhimgoda barrage, it is a paradise for bird watchers and home to many migratory birds during the winter season.
SAPT RISHI ASHRAM & SAPT SAROVAR (22 kms.) – A picturesque ashram located near Haridwar, where seven great sages or Saptarishis, namely Kashyapa, Vashisht, Atri, Vishwamitra, Jamadagni, Bharadwaja and Gautam are said to have meditated. Ganga split herself into seven currents at this place so that the Rishis would not be disturbed by the flow.
PARAD SHIVLING (14 kms) – Also known as Mercury Shivalinga is highly significant mythological site of the hindus. Situated in Harihar Ashram, the Parad Shivling weighs about 150 kg and Rudraksha trees are the main attractions here.
PIRAN KALIYAR (10 kms.) – Built by Ibrahim Lodhi, a ruler of Delhi, this ‘Dargah’ of Hazrat Alauddin Sabir Kaliyari, a 13th century, Sufi Saint of Chisti Order (also known as Sarkar Sabir Pak), in Kaliyar village, 7 km. From Roorkee is a living example of religious harmony in India, visited by devotees from all over the world, during the annual ‘Urs’ festival, which is celebrated from 1 st day of sighting the moon to 16th day of Rabeeull month Islamic calendar.
RAJAJI NATIONAL PARK (22 Kms.) – The Rajaji National Park, uttaranchal/ uttarakhand is spread over an area of 820.42 SQ. K.M. It is a home of 23 species of mammals and 315 species of Birds. The park is home of Asian Elephants, Tiger and King Cobra, Panther, Bear, Chital, Sambar, Wild Boar, Kakar, Python, Monitor Lizard, Wild Cats and many more. Open between 15 November & 15 June every year.
SHIVPURI (45 Kms.) – White water river rafting expeditions are organised from here. 
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​When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female, when you make eyes in place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand, a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then you will enter the Kingdom – Gospel of Thomas

In preparation for the Third Initiation into the Mysteries of Isis-Maria-Sophia
I strongly suggest that you re-read the first two manuals
before arrival.

The sacred marriage is between Logos and Wisdom :
knowledge and becoming at one with the Love.
Knowledge alone will not get you into the Temple of the Heart,
the Kingdom of God.

Please go through all the practical exercises and various
meditations that were covered in Initiations One and Two,
as the third initiation builds onto that foundation.

With each initiation we go deeper and deeper into the Mystery
of the Self;  your ideas of who you are and how life is and should be
will crumble and it may at times seem as though the world
around you is falling apart.  In a way it is.
Accessing knowledge only will increase the imbalance.
Spiritual discipline and the purifying of the kundalini energies
are very necessary before we can work on the brain centres.
During each initiation a centre in the brain is activated
and thus the un-doing starts.

See you soon.

Hettienne Ma Bhakty Maria
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The Secret

The Mystery of the Heart is a secret.

Sometimes it is whispered to the moon,
or a crow.
My body holds the secret.
Never is it revealed to ears that cannot hear, or eyes that cannot see.
The secret of life is a mystery
only to be understood by the deepest self
It is the mystery that calls me;
It is the secret that takes me ever deeper
into the heart of love.
In my most vulnerable moments
I am totally free.
In my mystery I am most known.
In my deepest pain I am most whole.
In my aloneness
I am with it all
Living the mystery
is the greatest secret of all