I Am Michael – message on 11-11-11

On 11 November 2011 a small group of us gathered to make the most of the vibrational energies of the 11:11 doorway that was opened here on Earth.

Our gathering was one of silent meditation and contemplation.  After only a short while, Michael, the archangel announced his presence.  The energy was tangible and visible to the inner eye.  A deep sense of peace filled the room and all those present.   His words flowed through my physical body for 30 minutes.  No-one was prepared for this so no recording was made and as I was the channel I can only repeat the essence of his message.

“I Am Michael.  I am with you.  I always walk with you, despite appearances and despite the most stressful circumstances.  I Am the essence of your Being, which is Love.  You are living in a time of great change and at times, great destruction and chaos.  Many are challenged to open their minds and their hearts and to perceive with new eyes.  These challenges also bring up great fear and resistance.  A new wave has been created and at this time, it has not reached its highest peak.  But it soon will and you will face many storms.  Through all these changes, remember I walk with you.

I am closer than your own breath.  I am as close as your own heart.  Whenever your mind turns to fear and believes in separation, you can call on me and on your own Warrior of Light.  I serve Her, the Great Mother, the Divine Ma, Maryam, Mary and am here to assist all her children, regardless of culture, tradition, religion or creed.

Great changes are coming.  Both on the inner planes and in the physical world.  Bridges will be washed away and many towers and structures will disappear.  Know at all times that you are safe and protected.  Stay centred in the Ground of your Being and surround yourself with the wings of prayer.

I Am Micha-el, I Am Mikal, the Tower of Light.  

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