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The way through

My child, my child
Follow the thread of the whisper
that I planted in your body
Find the knot of anxiety
The stone of discomfort
The cat o’nine tails whipping your back and shoulders
My child, my child
Listen to the beating drum
echoing on the bones of the cage
Setting your own unique rhythm
Know that I am your mother
I am your mother
Do not look back
Do not look back
Close your eyes to the many flashing lights
Blinding you to the whisper within
My child, my child
Listen to the thread of the whisper
Sense the snaking light
Open the door into the darkness
Take a deep breath and close your eyes to the fearful
Images in the many mirrors of rogue minds
I am the way
I am the way
Gently bow your head
Bring your palms together
Suspend your breath 
Open the floodgates
And allow the thread of a whisper
To break its damming walls
The roar of its waters
Obliterating this world
And you will find me 
Waiting on the shores of love
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The path of love

The way of love is a path of service and silence.
Remember that human consciousness can make
a great deal of noise to attract your
attention and divert you from contemplating 
the divine.
Be not afraid of silence;
of looking within yourself.
Be silent now, close your eyes,
and let your consciousness rest
within the precious and secret garden
of your heart.
I AM here
and the pink rose of love
is safely growing in your heart.
Nurture this rose carefully and constantly,
until its aura of beauty and love
completely enfolding you at all times.
Treat yourself with compassion
and tenderness
and eventually the perfume
will permeate all your thoughts and actions.
Ave Maria
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Blogs merging

Photograph by Hettienne Grobler – Shrine at Sancta Maria

This blog will soon be merging with
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Temple of the Mysteries of Mary
Blessed Mary painting by Hettienne Grobler

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Soulcollage card by Hettienne Grobler
Tarot Deck of the Mysteries of Mary
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Tarot Deck of the Mysteries of Mary
Tarot Deck of the Mysteries of Mary
Our Lady of Guadalupe  from the Tarot Deck of the Mysteries of Mary
by Hettienne Grobler
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Her Grace by Devata Blog
Namaste, Hettienne
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The Black Madonnas of France by Cassandra Eason

The Black Madonna Tradition
Black Madonnas are potentially the most exciting mystery and source of mysticism within the Catholic Church today. They can be frequently traced back to pre Christian mother goddess figures and have become even more than conventional Marian figures, associated with healing miracles, pilgrimages and even magical powers. For this reason they are often kept in crypts or dark corners of a church, tolerated, but often mistrusted by more conventional religious authorities.
The Black Madonna
The Black Madonna is the hidden secret in the heart of Catholicism, the old often demonised pagan goddess tradition actually thriving in churches today, though to those who worship her she is the Mother.
In some cases Black Madonnas are the oldest of statues. Often Catholic churches and cathedrals were built on top of former goddess shrines and in the case of at least some Black Madonnas, for example at Chartres Cathedral near Paris the original statues now worshipped as Black Madonnas may in fact have been originally pagan goddesses who were renamed to transfer worship of the Earth Mother to the Virgin Mary.
In France, where the majority of Black Madonnas are found, indigenous mother goddess worshipping traditions date back to the Goddess of Laussel, found in the entrance to an Ice age cave in the Dordogne region in central France. She was crafted around 23,000BCE and is important because she is the first representation of the Earth Mother as a lunar deity. She holds in her right hand a bison horn, shaped like the crescent-Moon. The horn is divided with 13 marks probably representing the 13 moons in a lunar year. Her other hand touches her womb.
Photo: Black Madonna at Meymac in the Correze department, France.
The Origins of the Black Madonna in Europe
Even today there are more than 500 known Black Madonna statues and paintings throughout the world, the majority in France, though many more that have been documented in historical records were destroyed during the French Revolution. Others too may stand unnoticed in shadowy corners of small churches and chapels, as they have done for hundreds of years, loved by the local worshippers and without any need to be rediscovered.
As the indigenous goddess worship evolved in Europe, statues of dark skinned Middle Eastern goddesses such as Inanna, Astarte, Artemis and Cybele were introduced to the European continent by Phoenician traders from 1550BC to about 300BCE. The Phoenicians came from the coastal regions of modern day Lebanon, Syria and Israel and were highly influential culturally. Indeed their phonetic alphabet is believed to be the forerunner of most modern alphabets. The Roman invasion of Gaul (France) and other parts of Europe also encouraged worship of these goddesses, to flourish.
The cult of Isis was the dominant religion of the Mediterranean during late Roman times, and had spread into Roman-occupied lands, including Gaul. Many Isis statues cradling her infant son Horus on her lap passed straight into Christianity as churches were created over the temples.
As late as 550 CE, Isis still had a temple in Soissons, just north of Paris and the Middle Eastern goddesses co-existed with the Celtic Gallic deities.
The Graeco-Roman Mother Goddess Cybele and Artemis/Diana of Ephesus, both dark skinned fertility goddesses were still worshipped in France and the Mediterranean coast from Antibes to Barcelona during the later centuries of the Roman Empire. Cybele was during the 3rd century the supreme deity of the town of Lyon that was capital of a vast area of South-eastern France, a region where many Black Madonnas are found. Marseilles was devoted to Artemis.
During the Middle Ages, the Crusaders returned from the Middle East, bringing goddess statues and some such as the mystical Knights Templar, many of whom who were wiped out as heretics,were involved in promoting the cult of the Black Madonna and her association with Mary Magdalene.
Mary Magdalene was the alter ego of the Mary virgin birth. The Merovingians identified the Black Madonna as Mary Magdalene. Through the bloodline of Mary Magdalene, the Merovingians claimed to be the rightful Kings of France, with descent from Christ’s son by Mary Magdalene, the infant depicted in her arms in the Black Madonna statues. Some legends say she married Christ at the wedding at Cana where he turned water into wine.
The Goddess beneath the Earth
Further evidence of the Black Madonna’s pagan and nature worshipping origins is the fact that Black Madonnas were frequently discovered hidden in trees or caves in France and Spain as late as the seventeenth century. Legends grew up that suggested these dark wood statues had magical powers that called the chosen finders to hiding places sometimes deep in undergrowth. Of course there were priests who perhaps were sympathetic to the old ways who may have known that a pagan goddess statue was kept in a particular cave and brought out for worship in the old nature religions that are still practiced in woodlands and groves worldwide today.
At a particular time when the local religious climate was amenable to combining paganism and Catholicism, some priests may have persuaded simple peasants they had discovered one of the Black Madonna figures in its hidden natural place and so this was a way of introducing the pre Christian statue into the mainstream religion. In churches today, Black Madonna statues may by coincidence or design, be kept in a crypt or subterranean part of a church or cathedral near a sacred spring or well.
Photo: St. Quentin-la-Chabanne (La Creuse (23) France): Notre Dame de Sous-Terre situated in the crypt. 17th centuryreplacing the original that was destroyed by the Protestants.
Our Lady of the Trees
Many Madonnas found locally are made out of local wood, as with the linden wood Madonna of Altötting in Bavaria. In Altötting the tiny chapel is described as womb like, windowless and painted black, with the walls studded with gold and silver images and ornaments. Her shrine is surrounded by thousands of ex voto or stone tablets expressing thanks for blessings received. Some date back to the 13th century and range from healing when all hope was lost to the safe return of a traveller and crutches were also left as proof of healing.
The site of the Altötting chapel was sacred in pre Christian times and the linden tree was revered by pre Christian peoples. The Black Madonna is the oldest Christian site in Bavaria, dating back to 680 CE and the Linden Madonna was placed there. In 907CE the town was ransacked by the Hungarians and only the chapel and statue survived. The present Black Madonna dates from 1300.The ancient linden tree stood next to the chapel, but in 1674 was cut down to make room for a basilica to enclose the chapel, but it was never completed. Centuries later a new linden tree was planted. A number of miracles have been attributed to the linden tree Madonna. In 1489 when a three year old boy drowned in a local stream and her mother took her dead child to the Virgin statue, the child was revived. Not long afterwards it was reported that a farmer’s six year old son fell off a horse drawn grain-wagon and was crushed beneath the wheels. The family asked for help from the Virgin and the boy was restored to full health. The unbroken Mother tradition associated with the tree has transferred comfortably to the people who visit the Madonna and many thousands of tourists flock to the site, so making her a valuable resource to the church which may outweigh any doubts about tree worship.
The Protective Virgins
Just as the Black Madonnas became cult worship for many pilgrims, so hatred of them was also very great; especially among those who consider them an affront to the sexless conventional Mary, or fear their darkness, since darkness is quite mistakenly popularly associated with evil.
Over the centuries a number have not just been destroyed but mutilated and decapitated. But the Black Madonna, like her pagan predecessors in nature who incorporates both the creative and destructive aspects of the earth, may fight back.
A fascinating story comes from Evaux-les-Bains in the Creuse area of France; a town famed for its hot springs and was made a spa town by the Romans. This Madonna is mentioned by Ean Begg in an older version of the book, though I have not as yet been able to find other references to this event. It describes how only the head of the statue was preserved after the statue was mutilated at the Revolution and thrown into a well. Of the four profaners soon after the event, one (according to popular legend) cut his throat; One died falling from a rock; one who boasted of breaking the statue’s jaw had his tongue cut out and one was struck by lightning.
In another church, Notre Dame de la Roche, near Mayres in the Puy de Dome, the 14th century black virgin holding a naked crowned child, was apparently stolen at the end of the 18th century, but brought misfortune on the family of thieves.
Photo: In October 2007, the BM pictured above, was decapitated by vandals. She was in the Notre Dame de Marceille just outside of Limoux, near Carcassonne. This photo was taken exactly one year before.
Defending her children
Even more graphically, Our Lady of Rocamadour, 100 miles north of Toulouse in France, who was reputed to bring dead babies back to life long enough so they could be baptised and so their souls go to heaven, took revenge on the attackers of three of her faithful pilgrims. It is told how in the 12thcentury, three pilgrims were robbed and guided on impassable ways they might have perished. They called out to the lady and she took away the sight and paralysed the hands of the robbers. But the pilgrims asked Mary to restore them and so she did. A bell on the ceiling of the Madonna chapel rings when she saves someone who calls on her for example sailors at sea as a sign she has saved them and they would make pilgrimages to thank her.
The original Rocamadour site was dedicated to Cybele and to later to Venus, the Roman love and fertility goddesses. This Madonna is one of a number attributed to St Luke but the present statue is 9th – 12th century.
But it is the painting of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa, Poland that is credited with the most magical powers to protect Poland from attack and is revered by Polish people throughout the world. It is a painting of the Madonna and Christ Child which legend states was originally painted by St. Luke the Evangelist, on a table top from a table built by Jesus.
The picture itself has been damaged in battle and again the Virgin took her revenge. In 1430 in the town of Czestochowa, in Poland where the painting was kept in a specially created monastery church, Hussites overran the monastery and one of the invaders slashed at the painting twice with his sword. One of the robbers drew his sword, struck the image and inflicted two deep gashes. While preparing to inflict a third gash, he fell to the ground and writhed in agony until his death. The two slashes on the cheek of the Blessed Virgin, together with a cut on her throat in an earlier attack, have always reappeared though many attempts have been made to repair them.
In 1655, Poland was overrun by the forces of the Swedish King Charles X, The monks defended the portrait against a forty day siege and, it was said, as a result of the Madonna’s intervention, Poland was able to drive out the invaders.
In 1920, the Russian army gathered the banks of the Vistula River, threatening Warsaw. The image of the Madonna was seen in the clouds over the city. The Russian troops withdrew.
Our Lady of the Snows, who takes her name from an apparent natural phenomena miracle
Like any good mother, our Lady of the Snows, the Black Virgin of Aurillac, the Cantal region of the Auvergne in France, defended her children with her life. The first Black Madonna in Aurillac was brought back from the Crusades by one of the local feudal lords. Yet though her body was destroyed by the Huguenots, it is believed she helped defeat them. On August 5th, 1581, the enemy were camped ready to storm the town by night. But the Black Madonna is credited with lighting up the sky as bright as the sun and so the cockerels began crowing. The noise and the light woke the people and the Black Madonna was seen at the chapel door holding Baby Jesus. She then sent a huge snowstorm to drive back the enemy. Freak electrical lighting? Hail? Whatever the effect the people were inspired to rally and defeat the enemy. Earth goddesses are traditionally said to have great power over the weather.
The Druids’ Black Madonna
Chartres Cathedral near Paris, home of the magnificent 11-coil labyrinth that is 40 foot (approximately 12 metres) in circumference, itself a mother goddess symbol, is home to two Black Madonnas. The pagan earth religion is never very far from the surface of this magnificent Gothic cathedral. Chartres Cathedral, built on a former Neolithic burial mound, was known to the Gauls as Carnutes and was according to Julius Caesar, the central annual meeting place for the Druids and Druidesses of Gaul and beyond.
Above the South door at Chartres Cathedral are sculpted oak twigs and tree spirits. Oak leaves are also entwined around the Black Virgin of the Pillar a statue who stands in the main church and it is believed that the wouivre, the ancient female earth power rises up through her from the well.
The Black Madonna of the crypt, Notre Dame sous terre (Our Lady Underground) made of pear wood, with her crown of Druidic oak leaves, was one of the major prayer and offering shrines on the mediaeval labyrinth pilgrimage. She is apparently a replica of an old Black Madonna, destroyed during the French Revolution when the statue was actually burned on an execution pyre during the Revolution. But this destroyed statue was itself an 11th or 12th century statue and there are earlier references to a small black image, of pagan origin, the Virgin whom it was predicted by the Druids would give birth to a saviour. What has happened to this is not known. Even today you can walk as pilgrims have for hundreds of years through the crypt past the Druidic healing well, through the centre of the labyrinth to the place in the east where the sun strikes a nail in the paving on the Summer Solstice. This is another ancient spot that has been Christianised, perhaps once the site of a monolith, a single stone aligned to the Midsummer sunrise, in both cases representing the birth into light. The Virgin Mary’s veil she wore to give birth is also kept here, so making it even more of a female fertility site, as it may have been for thousands of years albeit under a different goddess name.
Sick pilgrims would through the centuries sleep in the crypt, the womb of the mother and as they emerged, reborn, well again it was hoped and here nuns cared for them.
The 11-coil labyrinth shown here is situated in the nave of Chartres Cathedral, said to be the finest Gothic cathedral in Europe.
The Healing Madonnas of the leys, the Black Virgin of Montserrat
Great powers of healing are associated with Black Madonna statues. One explanation is that the statues conduct the powerful earth energies associated with Ley lines along which many Madonna sites are found. Montserrat near Barcelona in Spain, like Chartres is on a Ley line. Ley lines are hypothesized as invisible psychic energy tracks beneath the earth along which people from ancient times built their temples and shrines.
Their purpose was so that they might connect with a power beyond themselves that in earlier times was associated with the power of Mother Earth. The small wooden Virgin of Montserrat called La Moreneta (the Dark Maiden) is a statue of the Virgin Mary and infant Christ that is venerated at the Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery in the Montserrat mountain near Barcelona in Catalonia. The original statue is attributed to St. Luke, brought to Montserrat; it has been suggested by St. Peter in AD 50.
Centuries later, the statue was probably hidden from invaders, in nearby Santa Cova (now the Holy Grotto) and rediscovered in the late 9th century by shepherd children among rocks. They saw bright lights and heard singing coming from a cave in the mountain. Stories abound of how a Black Madonna chooses its own site and will either return there mysteriously if moved or become so heavy it is immovable Legend has it that the Benedictine monks could not move the statue from its Holy Grotto to construct their monastery, choosing to instead build close to the grotto. The Benedictines are said to be the last religious order to have knowledge of ley energies and to build their abbeys and monasteries along them. The present statue is carbon dated to the 12th century. On September 11, 1844, Pope Leo XIII declared this high profile virgin of Montserrat patroness of Catalonia.
Another Black Madonna who insisted on returning to her own site again associated with ley energies is the Black Madonna of Limoux, south of Carcassone in France, The church at Limoux is called the Notre Dame de Marceille and as with Montserrat the Madonna was found in the earth like the Montserrat Madonna.
It is told, though not accurately dated that a ploughman digging a filed on the slopes of Marcellan found his ox would not go forward whatever he tried. The ploughman started to dig and found the wooden smiling Madonna, brown and dark. He took the statue home but the next morning it had disappeared and was back in the place he found it. This happened three times and when the local monks heard they built a chapel there. Other Madonnas prove too heavy to move no matter how hard people try if they are in the right place. Our Lady of Oropa, the northern Italian region of Piemonte was brought to Italy by St. Eusebius (martyred in 371 A.D.) and placed in a cave that was a pre-Christian site sacred to Apollo and various goddesses. She had been found buried under ruins in Jerusalem. When more than a thousand years later a group of monks tried to move her to a new location, the three foot tall statue became so heavy the monks had to return her to her cave and she felt light again.
Photo: Black Madonna in the Notre Dame de Marceille just outside of Limoux, near Carcassonne
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jai jai maa!

Durga Maa Mala/Rosary
Prem Se Bolo Jai Mata Di
A beautiful hand-made mala or rosary
dedicated to Durga Maa.
Ideal to wear as a necklace and to use
in japa and chanting
She is the fierce aspect of Shakty, the Divine Feminine.
I made this mala in the same pattern as the Rosary of the Holy Mother.
She is one and the same, by whatever name you call Her.
I used freshwater pearls in four different shades of white, pale pink, bronze and cream, interspaced
with swarovski crystals and
beautiful bronze rose beads and a glass heart foil in the centre.
The pendant I bought from one of the traders outside the temple at
Haridwar, India and it is stamped with the OHM on the back.
Here is a beautiful mantra to Durga Maa
to use with the rosary
Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu Maa rupena samsthita 
Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu Shakti rupena samsthita 
Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu Buddhi rupena samsthita 
Ya Devi Sarva Bhutesu Laxmi rupena samsthita 
Namestasyai II Namestasyai II Namestasyai 
Namo Namah 
To the Divine Goddess who resides in all existence in the form of universal mother
To the Divine Goddess who resides in all existence in the form of energy
To the Divine Goddess who resides in all existence in the form of intellegence
To the Divine Goddess who resides in all existence in the form of true wealth
We bow to her, we bow to her, continually we bow to her
Asato Ma sadgamaya
Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya
Mrityur Ma Amritam gamaya
Which means:
From untruth, lead me to the Truth,
From Darkness, Lead me towards the Light,
From Death, Lead me to Life Eternal.
(Ma does not mean ‘mother’..its an ‘avyaya’ used for negation (Mayank)
Sharanaagata dinaarta
Paritraana paraayane
Sarvasyaarti harey Devi
Naraayani namostute
Which means:
Salutations be to you, O Mother
You who are intent on saving the downtrodden
and distressed that come under your refuge.
Oh Devi! you remove the suffering of everyone
Om Sarva mangala Maangalye
Shivey Sarvaartha Saadhikey
Sharanye Trayambikey Gauri
Naraayani Namostutey
Which means:
Oh Gauri Ma!, consort of Lord Shiva,
You, who bestow auspiciousness on all,
And fulfill everyone’s’ wishes,
I prostrate myself before Thee,
Take me under your care.
The following Mantras describe the various qualities of Ma:
Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu
Shakti Rupena Sanshtita
Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai
Namo Namaha
Which means:
Prostrations unto Thee, O Devi (Ma)
who dwells in all beings in the form of Shakti 
This mala, along with other rosaries are available in my shop
and more is being added daily for the next two weeks.
Jai guru maa!
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Birthday of Mother Mary – 8 September

The dates of 7 and 8 September are the most sacred to devotees of Mother Mary.  The 8th of September is known as Her birthday.  The first initiation into the Temple of Mary is taking place on these auspicious days. 

Mary is personification, embodiment and goddess of  spirit in ‘matter’ (mater = mother).  The sacred body of Earth and all living beings is the Mother.

As we approach the end of Kali Yuga, a transformation is taking place and a new mythos is being born into the consciousness of humanity :  that of the Cosmic Mother and the Sacred Feminine and very importantly and powerfully, the mythos of the Sacred Marriage, the Union.

Mary, as divine mother for our times,  is recognized in all cultures and traditions.  Here is an extract written by Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the lineage of the Ascended Masters :

Mary – World Mother

In knowing Mary as she really is, I have come to see her as a relentless and constant force, challenging the oppression of her children everywhere, in every faith, in every religion.
She is a World Mother, and I have seen this in her tremendous mastery of life. Her knowledge of administration and organization, as she has conveyed it to me, has given me the real teaching of how to administer my organisation and, with a very capable staff, bring it to this level of complexity of service that we enjoy.

The Mother Flame

When we want to master the details of life in any field, we realize that it is the Mother aspect of God that actually corresponds to Matter, or the Matter universe, as mater is the Latin word for Mother.
And so, here on earth, if we are going to accomplish anything, we must invoke the Mother flame. We must understand the Hindu concept of the Mother aspect of God as the Shakti, the active principle, the force that brings into manifestation the Father’s will.

Ask Mother Mary

So if you want to know how to get things done and how to get them done because your aim is helping people and glorifying God—which is our only reason for being—then ask Mother Mary. And you will find that she is truly a master and not an ignorant peasant woman who happened to be called to give birth to Jesus, as some would have us believe.

Virgin of the Globe - Mother MaryTwin Flame of Archangel Raphael

Mother Mary is of the angelic evolution. These hierarchies also serve on the seven rays of the Godhead that emerge through the prism of the Christ consciousness.
Mother Mary’s ray is the fifth ray, the ray of emerald green, the ray of healing. It is the ray of science, of medicine, of supply and abundance. The economy also comes under the fifth ray.

The Mind of Mary

Mother Mary, then, has great talents in many areas. I don’t think there is a field of human endeavor where she does not have the expertise and understanding to teach others how to realize and implement the highest and best goals. Mother Mary’s mind is vast, vast beyond comprehension.
As we see Mary in the present day, we move to the understanding of a woman in our midst—a Mother Mary who is as modern, as liberated, as tough, as determined as many of the finest women we might meet on earth who are fighting for various causes.

Friend and Companion

We need to see her as friend, as companion, as sister, although she may rightfully be called “goddess” because of the tremendous God consciousness she has.
We must not place her on the pedestal that forces us to become idolaters of her image. But we should revere her in the sense that she has great attainment and great standing in heaven and was chosen to be the mother of Christ because she had the ability to hold the light and the balance for his entire mission.

Mother Mary – Healer

And so the Mother comes to heal us of our sense of sin regarding ourselves or other people. She comes to liberate us, especially in the Christian world, of the enormous division that renders Christianity ineffective. And of course, she comes carrying the sorrow of the people of every single nation on the planet and the determination to help them as we give the prayers and the calls.

Archetype of the New Age Woman

Mother Mary Archeia of the Fifth Ray copyright TSLMother Mary has bequeathed to humanity the archetype of the New Age woman. By her example and constancy, she calls forth the Divine Woman in us all.
She not only shows us how the feminine principle can be redeemed, but why it must be redeemed in order that the Divine Manchild as the unfolding Christed man and Christed woman might appear within every son and daughter beloved of God.
Until the feminine principle of the Godhead is ennobled in each man and each woman, the Christ cannot be born. And until Christ is born in the individual, the evolving identity of man and woman cannot experience the new birth.
Thus, the rebirth of the Christ in man and woman, often referred to as the Second Coming, is necessary for the salvation of the soul; indeed the individual Christ Self is the Saviour of the world of the individual.

Mary’s Appearances Since Her Ascension

Since her ascension, Mary has made several famous appearances and continues today to respond immediately to the call of any and all of her children on earth. In the twentieth century alone, more than two hundred appearances of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, have been reported in over thirty countries.
Some claim Mary has appeared to them as they pray. Others say they have watched her statues “weep” or have seen her images on walls or windows. And some tell us that Mary has revealed to them urgent prophecies and secrets.
Mary has entrusted her messages to unlikely ambassadors—not prelates or popes, presidents or politicians, but children and simple folk. Innocent ones who could receive her messages in humility and convey them with undiluted simplicity.
For forty years Mother Mary gave messages through Mark and Elizabeth Prophet to comfort and enlighten spiritual seekers of all paths.

Excerpted from The Age of the Divine Mother, The Golden Word of Mary series by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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Upcoming retreat by The Temple of Mary

Rose Window Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris
Many voices tell us the same message in different languages, symbology, hidden messages and at times obscure poetry.  One has to keep in mind that there is always power at play.  When you have something that someone else wants, you are holding the power.  This is also true for the ‘spiritual’ journey.  There is only one way to ‘know’ and that is to trust your heart and to disobey the Judge.
Seemingly a simple and straightforward step, to trust yourself, but as we know, layers of conditioning have distorted your mind and has led you to believe in the ‘other’ within.  At all times you are self-conscious and aware of watching yourself or being watched by others and acting on the assumption that you are separate from ‘God’ and that there are others who know better or more.
When you discover that you are the ‘other’ and that all beliefs in separation grows from your own mind, you face an inner chaos and darkness which seems impossible to navigate and survive.  And it seems easier and simpler to hold onto someone else’s belief system or to jump back into trying to control your physical reality.
True knowing is not an intellectual activity.  The left brain that continually analyses and tries to make sense of what is going on, depletes your energy system;  breaks down your immune system;  opens you to accident and events that is hurtful.  The left brain ‘rapes’ and plunders the psyche, the Soul within, the heart which is intrinsically part of the One Heart.
This inner division grows into a web of characters and sub-personalities and the inner child (the heart self) becomes stressed and falls into childhood patterns of thinking and reacting.  You may feel overwhelmed and disheartened by the ‘state of affairs’ when you look upon ‘the wasteland of the lands ruled by the wounded fisherking’.  Indeed, fairy tales and myths, mystics and religions alike, have been telling us that we are living in the age of the mind, the brilliant Sun, that scorches the land in the absence of the rain of mercy.
In the alchemical process we are shown the importance of becoming the one.  Or I should say, realising the One.  The duality is created by the mind – the One exists at all times, behind the shadow play of the mind.  And remember, this is not an isolated case of Maya;  this is a collective group mind that has developed through the Age of the Father.
 The first step is to become one in the personality self.  To end the voices of dissension and self-sabotage;  to unite under the Beloved leader within and to obey each and every command of the heart, without question.  One could call this Answering the Call.
Once you have answered the Call, you have to stay with the course, despite the winding labyrinth that your journey takes.  Here you will face many adversaries :  distractions, fear, doubts, suspicion, and running after every red herring that crosses your path.
But it is to stay focused, with your eyes fixated on the symbol of the Beloved, reminding yourself that this work demands the tempering and forging of the sword (the symbol of the mind that serves your healing and highest purpose).
The symbol of the Beloved in the Temple of Mary is indeed the Eternal Bride, the Beloved Goddess and the Sacred Feminine, the Feminine Soul of the One.  The qualities of the feminine are wisdom, beauty, mercy, grace, compassion, nurturing and feeling :  an all-embracing Self that creates and births the alchemical container through Self-Acceptance and Self-Love.
The centre of the alchemical process is the hermetically sealed container and the ability to live with the pressure and the tension of the ‘cooking process’.   Indeed, the many layers of the self will be melted down and this is not a glorious process.  It will invoke fear and resistance in you;  you will try every trick in the book to escape this certain dissolution of the walls of the castle;  and you will fall and you will fail.  But you always have the choice to return to the Great Work and to pick yourself up from the last fall and to take the next step.
The Great Work is the Hieros Gamos, the Sacred Marriage between self and Self;  Heart and Mind;  Psyche and Eros;  God and Goddess.
You right now, already know yourself as all of the above, you are just not aware that it is indeed conscious and present.  Who is looking through your eyes right now?  Who is reading these words?  Who is it that feels great love awakening within your heart?
Maria Sophia is one of the oldest names of the Goddess in Sanskrit.  Maria Prophetissa is the oldest known Alchemist in our mythical history.  She is the Soul, the Shekinah, the in-dwelling Divinity and Presence in you.  The undivided One.
Why do we refer to Her as feminine?  Why do we use gender at all?  Why the Great Mother and the Goddess?
Do not be blindsided by the terminology :  symbols are a way of describing that which we cannot describe with words.  Words limit our knowing and experience as it puts us back into the left brain.  By stepping into the imagery through ritual, ceremony, movement, sound, contemplation and witnessing our feelings, we immerse ourselves into the Knowledge of the One :  the One who is closer than your own breath.
This is a small taste of what you can expect during the first initiation of the Temple of Mary, during the weekend of 7 September.  A weekend of awareness and direct experience;  simple and practical exercises to awaken the inner knowing;  ritual to stir the unconscious and bring the Love to light – a balance between structure and free flowing.  You will receive a note book which you can read in leisure after the retreat and keep with you as a guidebook.  This weekend will be the first of many – each designed to deepen the knowing of Love and to support you as you step out on your path of Soulful purpose and meaning.
All energy blessings (diksha), darshan and any blessings that you receive during this weekend, you may use for your own healing and the healing of others;  you may freely pass it on to others and you will be shown how to do this.
In Grace
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Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

The eyes of Mary Magdalene by bear 48 on

Traditionally, the feast day of Mary Magdalene
is celebrated by reading poetry in the Bridal Mysticism tradition.

She, who is the Beloved of the Loved One.
She who is the Lover, the Beloved and the Union.

Ode to the Beloved

Your love snakes like a fiery river

undulating through my soul

Setting alight the liquid desire within

igniting the passion for the Real

White-hot flames

Tempers the metal
Forges the steel
Honing my soul

Your love flows like a river of ecstasy

Melted ice seeps into my bones

Pooling love into the deserted plains

of my forsaken heart

Your love roars like heavenly winds

Screeching through my throat,
Howling with unearthly delight,
Sweeping me through the darkness,
Into the tunnel of light

With the touch of your fiery eyes,

the pure-white fire of your mind
with the gentlest whisper
the kindest word
With the lightest touch
of your beautiful hand
You melt the iron bars
that trap my soul

Your love breaks my cage

conquers the dragons of fear
Your love sets me free
Only to return
to the Eternal Spring

The Swan Princess
She glides gracefully on the mirror of water
Content to bask in the beauty of her own reflection
Arching her neck proudly
Arrogantly the crown glints in the light of the sun
One unto herself
She needs no-one
The waters stir
Passions churn
Old rotten leaves mulched into mud
Flies up, black everywhere
Water churns, splashes,
Intense waves form
In the white foam He appears
Wearing the moon on his crown
He surrounds her
Make her His
His embrace splits her being, pierces her heart
Radiant light snakes through their bodies
Conjoining them into One
Feathers splayed, wings spread
Stretching to the ends of the Sky
Necks arched
A halo of light as two crowns meet
Graceful heads bowed
Love fulfilled

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Holy Day of Our Lady of Lourdes

11 February is the Holy Day of Our Lady of Lourdes
As though we are Divine
Ancient friend
Our Divine Mother looks at us
as though we are divine
Flinging flower petals onto our path
she worships the very air we breathe
Adoringly she pulls us onto her lap
embracing her beloved children 
with the passion
of one who has waited for eons
for this reunion.
She whispers softly into our ear
‘my darling son’ my darling daughter’
once and for all shattering any doubt
hat we are the only reason
for her existence
Ethan Walker III