Blogs merging

Photograph by Hettienne Grobler – Shrine at Sancta Maria

This blog will soon be merging with
Cloister of the Heart.

The Temple of Mary blog will stay up as a living archive
of our footprints into Her mysteries in this world.

The website for the Temple of  the Mysteries of Mary is at maria

Temple of the Mysteries of Mary
Blessed Mary painting by Hettienne Grobler

There you will be able to read about my pilgrimages to sacred sites,
my Soulcollage journeys
the Recovery of the Inner Child of the journey of awakening
share in my art making process
and the upcoming
Art Novena for Our Lady of Lourdes.
So if you have not subscribed yet, or wish to join
please go to
Cloister of the Heart.
Soulcollage card by Hettienne Grobler
Tarot Deck of the Mysteries of Mary
I also invite you to join my journey with the soon to be published
Mysteries of Mary Tarot Deck.
The blog is at
Tarot Deck of the Mysteries of Mary
Tarot Deck of the Mysteries of Mary
Our Lady of Guadalupe  from the Tarot Deck of the Mysteries of Mary
by Hettienne Grobler
Her Grace by Devata on
Then there is also the blog of my shop on Etsy
which showcases items as they are put up for sale.
Her Grace by Devata Blog
Namaste, Hettienne

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